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Georgia Pacific

Since we are a distributor of Georgia Pacific Paper Products I thought a little history of the company would be worth looking into.

In 1927 G.P. (Georgia Pacific) was founded in the great city of Augusta, GA. Yes, yes, the same place where the greatest golf event takes place every year, The Master’s. It was originally founded as Georgia Hardwood Lumber Company, a lumber wholesaler. It operated five saw mills at that time that employed most of the city. In 1948 it changed it’s name and became known as Georgia-Pacific Plywood & Lumber Company. Again in 1956, it changed it’s name. This time to Georgia Pacific Corporation and has maintained that same name for 63 years.

In 1963 the company shifted it’s attention to the tissue business, introducing the Coronet Brand. Now, fast forward 37 years to 2000 and the company acquired Ft. James Paper Company, the Brawny Brand, Quilted Northern and Dixie which is what we know them for today.

From the time the company was founded in 1927 Georgia Pacific the company has never stopped growing. It started in one small building in the small town of Augusta, GA and has since expanded to more than 300 locations around the world with brands that are extremely well known in every part of the world. You can’t walk through a grocery or wholesale store without seeing one of their products somewhere on a shelf. A few of those brands are Angel Soft, Sparkle, Vanity Fair, Dixie and the list goes on. All products listed are ones that our company offers and stocks in our Hiawatha location.

If ever in need of a great product that the world trusts and uses daily never hesitate to jump on the G.P. line. And if you ever have any questions as to what product would best suit your needs, let us know. We’d be happy to help guide you in the right direction and provide a little history along the way!

Loyalty In Business

So I was talking with one of my customers the other day about our beloved Iowa Hawkeyes Basketball Team. We were discussing how we could make better coaching decisions as well as plays as players most of the time. Of course this is just thoughts as I know I really can’t go dunk on the guys in the B1G. But, the thing we will always do is remain “loyal” to the team because we appreciate them and their efforts even though the outcome for some games is not what we hoped and/or anticipated.

This led me to thinking about all of my customers… do they get frustrated with me? Probably. Are there times when I could do more for them? Possibly. But, those customers continue to stay “loyal” to myself and our company because day in and day out I give them my full effort and attention when needed. This is what is important in business – loyalty. I am loyal to my customers in providing them exceptional service as well as effort put forth. In turn, they are loyal to myself and our company because they know at the end of the day I am going to give 110% to make their business succeed and provide them the products they need to make that happen.

Loyalty is what is important to me. As long as I have loyal customers I am continually assisting, I will keep my day job and leave the coaching decisions as well as slam dunks to the basketball team.

— Mike O’Donnell

Paper Connections

I recently traveled 2,000 miles to replace white snow with white sand and warm weather.   Upon our arrival to Punta Cana, while waiting to go through customs, I struck up a conversation with a couple that ended up being from a small town in Wisconsin, a town they were sure I’d never heard of, Keiler Wisconsin.  As a matter of fact I told them, we travel through Kieler several times a year when heading to Lansing Iowa to go fishing, so indeed I knew exactly where Kieler was. 

Continuing our conversation, I asked the now retired gentlemen, what he had done for a living and was told he worked as a service tech for Xerox for over 30 years.  We both chuckled when I told him I was in paper distribution and to not always blame the paper, in fact don’t ever blame the paper! 

Later in the week, while enjoying some pool time, a travel mug with a big red “W” on it, indicated to me that some other folks were also from Wisconsin.  (When you follow college basketball and football you know these things).  This group again told me they were from a town I probably wouldn’t recongnize…..Nekoosa, Wisconsin.  I said, as in Nekoosa Paper???  Turns out all three of the guys in the group, work for the paper mill which is now owned by Domtar.  I told them that several years ago (close to 30)  I had taken a mill trip to Nekoosa and was introduced to the production process of paper manufacturing.  I remembered selling Nekoosa Bond, Mimeo, Duplicator, Nekoosa Offset, Nekoosa Linen & Laid which were all sheets they all remembered well.  The industry is different now and the plant’s manufacturing focus has changed, but it was fun to strike up a conversation and realize that paper connects us all in many ways. 

My connection(s) was in the manufacturing and distribution aspect, all discussed while on vacation.  Does this mean the trip itself is a tax write-off?

Informed Delivery-“ Post Office to go”

As everyone involved with print, paper and mailing know, the postal service is critical to the success of each industry. Direct mail marketing, newsletters and other publications rely on mail to get the “job” done.

Did you know there is a new service called Informed Delivery? With this free service, you can preview incoming mail daily, as you will receive an email showing a gray scale image of the address size of all letter size mail arriving at your address when mail pieces are processed through USPS automated equipment. There is also the ability to track packages and leave delivery instructions if you will not be there to receive a package.

As stated in the Domtar Blueline blog (Domtarblueline.com), there is more to the program than just seeing what is coming that day. From a blog post by Tammy Tufty: The USPS Informed Delivery® program also targets consumers in a groundbreaking way, by offering them digital previews of their paper mail. It increases the time that people interact with mail, and it increases the number of eyes on mail, because multiple household members use the service. Not only does more mail reach intended audiences, Gary Reblin Vice President of Product Innovation for the U.S. Postal Service, explains, but marketers can use Informed Delivery to make mail work harder, because they can incorporate branding, coupon codes or links into their digital preview, so customers can instantly interact with their brand. Informed Delivery has been criticized for lessening the mail moment, but Reblin affirms, “It’s incredibly popular, with over 12 million users and a 72.5% open rate, as compared to email’s open rate of just over 20%.”

Informed Delivery is a game changer for many households, in how they receive and perceive mail, as well as for our industries.

You can read more about this service and learn how to sign up and use it, by visiting www.informeddelivery.usps.com, or accessing the free mobile app for iOS, Android, and Windows smartphones or tablets using The Apple App Store, or Google Play.

Loyalty - "A Strong Feeling of Support or Allegiance"

Some say that there is no loyalty in today’s world. 

JP Gasway has a long list of customers that define the definition of loyalty.  I myself have customers that have allowed me to service their account since the 1980’s (when I was just a youngster).  They have followed me through buy-outs and acquisitions’, business closings, and then when I landed at JP Gasway, they were right there for the landing. 

Our goal is for you to love working with the JPG Team, for your buying experience to be exceptional and to keep your business local.  When you buy from an independent, locally owned business, rather than a national chain or the internet, the money generated strengthens our whole community.  Community events, local non-profits, food pantries, school fund raisers and local sports teams reap the benefits! 

To all of our customers, we thank you for letting US be part of your success story and YOU for being a part of ours! We all win when we support each other’s efforts and keep business within our own communities!

- Kay Picolet (Quad City Area Sales Representative)

J.P. Gasway proudly supports Two Sides organization

Since the invention of paper, two thousand years ago, and the advancement in communications by Gutenberg’s use of moveable type nearly 600 years ago, print and paper have been a critical component in exchange of knowledge, creative ideas, commerce, as well as news and information.

With recent, rapid changes, both in printing and more modern technologies, such as internet, challenges to traditional print and paper have arisen. In an effort to proudly promote the sustainability of the Graphics Communications industry and dispel common misconceptions, Two Sides US was formed in order to provide users with verifiable information on why print and paper is an attractive, practical, effective, and sustainable method of communications.

At, J.P. Gasway, we are proud to have recently renewed our membership to Two Sides North America. As a charter member of the organization, founded over ten years ago, we are proud of the work President Phil Riebel and his team have done to promote paper and print, defend it against unjustifiable claims, and advance the industry in the public’s view. In addition, nearly all of the current Association of Independent Printing Paper Merchants (AIPPM),  are charter members.

A vast array of information, including the guiding principles, infographics, anti-greenwashing success stories, myth-busting, and factual charts and videos are all available at the website, https://www.twosidesna.org. Check it out, you won’t be disappointed.