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Loyalty In Business

So I was talking with one of my customers the other day about our beloved Iowa Hawkeyes Basketball Team. We were discussing how we could make better coaching decisions as well as plays as players most of the time. Of course this is just thoughts as I know I really can’t go dunk on the guys in the B1G. But, the thing we will always do is remain “loyal” to the team because we appreciate them and their efforts even though the outcome for some games is not what we hoped and/or anticipated.

This led me to thinking about all of my customers… do they get frustrated with me? Probably. Are there times when I could do more for them? Possibly. But, those customers continue to stay “loyal” to myself and our company because day in and day out I give them my full effort and attention when needed. This is what is important in business – loyalty. I am loyal to my customers in providing them exceptional service as well as effort put forth. In turn, they are loyal to myself and our company because they know at the end of the day I am going to give 110% to make their business succeed and provide them the products they need to make that happen.

Loyalty is what is important to me. As long as I have loyal customers I am continually assisting, I will keep my day job and leave the coaching decisions as well as slam dunks to the basketball team.

— Mike O’Donnell