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Informed Delivery-“ Post Office to go”

As everyone involved with print, paper and mailing know, the postal service is critical to the success of each industry. Direct mail marketing, newsletters and other publications rely on mail to get the “job” done.

Did you know there is a new service called Informed Delivery? With this free service, you can preview incoming mail daily, as you will receive an email showing a gray scale image of the address size of all letter size mail arriving at your address when mail pieces are processed through USPS automated equipment. There is also the ability to track packages and leave delivery instructions if you will not be there to receive a package.

As stated in the Domtar Blueline blog (Domtarblueline.com), there is more to the program than just seeing what is coming that day. From a blog post by Tammy Tufty: The USPS Informed Delivery® program also targets consumers in a groundbreaking way, by offering them digital previews of their paper mail. It increases the time that people interact with mail, and it increases the number of eyes on mail, because multiple household members use the service. Not only does more mail reach intended audiences, Gary Reblin Vice President of Product Innovation for the U.S. Postal Service, explains, but marketers can use Informed Delivery to make mail work harder, because they can incorporate branding, coupon codes or links into their digital preview, so customers can instantly interact with their brand. Informed Delivery has been criticized for lessening the mail moment, but Reblin affirms, “It’s incredibly popular, with over 12 million users and a 72.5% open rate, as compared to email’s open rate of just over 20%.”

Informed Delivery is a game changer for many households, in how they receive and perceive mail, as well as for our industries.

You can read more about this service and learn how to sign up and use it, by visiting www.informeddelivery.usps.com, or accessing the free mobile app for iOS, Android, and Windows smartphones or tablets using The Apple App Store, or Google Play.

Can Liners Made in IOWA

JP Gasway is always a proud supporter of Iowa made products. This is why we offer and stock Waverly Plastic’s line of Can Liners and have been doing so for nearly 20 years.

As with most products made and distributed in Iowa; the quality is exceptional! In the years that we have offered this line, we have had zero quality issues which is phenomenal. They offer a full line of high density and low density bags, both in Lay Flat and Rolls. They also offer bags for ice buckets, food service, and even promote their own line of biodegradable bags.

To make the task of keeping bags separate, they have a unique patented color coding system allowing users to match the size of the trash can to the size of the trash can liner. Along with each can liner case, comes a set of stickers specific to that size of liner. These stickers are to be applied to the actual trash can for ease of use when dealing with various sizes of can liners. It is a very simple process, yet very effective.

 JP Gasway offers all items from Waverly Plastics, while stocking over forty various can liners. We are pleased to stand behind this product, as it is a great quality product.

 If interested in one of the great Iowa made products offered by Waverly Plastics, contact us at JP Gasway and we will be happy to assist you.

Find Your Paper Airplane

When you were younger, did you ever wonder where that paper airplane originally came from? Maybe what weight the paper was? Or how the fold would impact its flying ability? Like most, neither did I. I thought paper was paper and that was that. If only I knew then, what I know now… I probably would have won those recess paper airplane contests for rights to snack trading at lunch.

At young ages, we never think about the impact of one piece of paper. 

We never ponder the many people who helped in the creation of that paper or the process that paper went through to become our amazing aircraft… eventually being launched out of our hands and soaring into the air, taking on gravity and wind.  We saw it as paper and that was that.

From paper airplanes to print jobs, the world is filled with various types of papers to fulfill whatever the request may be. We just have to search...