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Find Your Paper Airplane

When you were younger, did you ever wonder where that paper airplane originally came from? Maybe what weight the paper was? Or how the fold would impact its flying ability? Like most, neither did I. I thought paper was paper and that was that. If only I knew then, what I know now… I probably would have won those recess paper airplane contests for rights to snack trading at lunch.

At young ages, we never think about the impact of one piece of paper. 

We never ponder the many processes that paper went thru to become our amazing aircraft… eventually being launched out of our hands and soaring into the air, taking on gravity and wind.  We saw it as paper and that was that.

From paper airplanes to print jobs, the world is filled with various types of papers to fulfill whatever the request may be. We just have to search. Our goal at J.P. Gasway is to help make that search easier. Our experienced team is always eager to help in finding the right paper for you to take flight.