J.P. Gasway

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Loyalty - "A Strong Feeling of Support or Allegiance"

Some say that there is no loyalty in today’s world. 

JP Gasway has a long list of customers that define the definition of loyalty.  I myself have customers that have allowed me to service their account since the 1980’s (when I was just a youngster).  They have followed me through buy-outs and acquisitions’, business closings, and then when I landed at JP Gasway, they were right there for the landing. 

Our goal is for you to love working with the JPG Team, for your buying experience to be exceptional and to keep your business local.  When you buy from an independent, locally owned business, rather than a national chain or the internet, the money generated strengthens our whole community.  Community events, local non-profits, food pantries, school fund raisers and local sports teams reap the benefits! 

To all of our customers, we thank you for letting US be part of your success story and YOU for being a part of ours! We all win when we support each other’s efforts and keep business within our own communities!

- Kay Picolet (Quad City Area Sales Representative)