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J.P. Gasway proudly supports Two Sides organization

Since the invention of paper, two thousand years ago, and the advancement in communications by Gutenberg’s use of moveable type nearly 600 years ago, print and paper have been a critical component in exchange of knowledge, creative ideas, commerce, as well as news and information.

With recent, rapid changes, both in printing and more modern technologies, such as internet, challenges to traditional print and paper have arisen. In an effort to proudly promote the sustainability of the Graphics Communications industry and dispel common misconceptions, Two Sides US was formed in order to provide users with verifiable information on why print and paper is an attractive, practical, effective, and sustainable method of communications.

At, J.P. Gasway, we are proud to have recently renewed our membership to Two Sides North America. As a charter member of the organization, founded over ten years ago, we are proud of the work President Phil Riebel and his team have done to promote paper and print, defend it against unjustifiable claims, and advance the industry in the public’s view. In addition, nearly all of the current Association of Independent Printing Paper Merchants (AIPPM),  are charter members.

A vast array of information, including the guiding principles, infographics, anti-greenwashing success stories, myth-busting, and factual charts and videos are all available at the website, https://www.twosidesna.org. Check it out, you won’t be disappointed.